Discover B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology

Changing the World through Technology

The Information Sciences and Technology (IST) bachelor's degree program equips you with the understanding of core information technologies and how they can be used in practical applications. Within the major, you'll select from one of the three options below to explore the field in more depth:

  • Design and Development option - create applications, software, and systems using state-of-the-art tools and techniques.
  • Integration and Application option - integrate technology solutions to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively.
  • People, Organizations, and Society option - explore how information technology affects social change and the delivery of information.

“I chose IST because I love computers and programming, but I can’t sit at a computer all day and just program. I want to get out and talk to people and be in an area where I’m working on a team.”

Andrew Pacheco, Class of 2022

Finding Your Fit

Information Sciences and Technology might be the right program for you if:

  • You want to develop new software and web applications, help businesses operate more effectively by creating and implementing technological solutions, or understand how technology is connected to broader social issues.
  • You are interested in technology but also want to work with people.
  • You enjoy coming up with creative solutions to difficult challenges
  • You are passionate about how technology is connected to and can impact broader social issues
  • You love technology but are also interested in business, sociology, law, or policy

Developing Your Skills

In the Information Sciences and Technology program, you will understand how people use technology and revolutionize the role it plays in changing the way that individuals live, work, and engage with the world.

Sample Courses

Review the Suggested Academic Plan to see the courses you could take, including:

  • IST 242 – Intermediate & Object-Oriented Application Development
  • IST 302 – IT Project Management
  • IST 402 – Emerging Issues and Technologies
  • IST 420 – Fundamentals of Systems and Enterprise Integration
  • IST 432 – Legal and Regulatory Environment of IST

Advancing Your Education

As a student in the Information Sciences and Technology major, you can pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the same time through the Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate degree program. In the program, academically talented students can earn a B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology and an M.S. in Informatics in five years—a shorter period of time than if the degrees were pursued separately.

Discovering Your Path

At the College of IST, every undergraduate student is required to complete at least one internship before graduating. With more than 300 organizations actively recruiting students and a dedicated Career Solutions team, you’ll have the resources and opportunities to get your career off to a strong start.

Potential Careers

Past Student Internships

Examples of the work done in past IST internships held by our students include:

  • deploying an information technology system at a health care institution to improve the patient and physician experience
  • providing consultation to various business clients on their IT structure and efficiency
  • researching and testing application usability for customers
  • creating mobile-friendly websites
  • discovering ways to integrate virtual reality into a school’s curriculum

Recent Graduate Positions

Examples of positions our graduates have recently accepted include:

  • Application Developer
  • Business Technology Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Architect
  • IT Project Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Systems Engineer
  • Usability Engineer
  • UX/UI Researcher

“I feel like I connect with the people in IST, which is an important factor. The subject matter and structure of the classes are something I also really like. I am getting valuable professional experience out of my academic courses.”

Henry Pearce, Class of 2020


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