Concurrent Majors

Concurrent majors allow students to take courses that meet the requirements of at least two majors at the same time, with graduation for all majors occurring during the same semester.

Note that the ability to complete concurrent majors is not guaranteed. They depend on the student’s semester of entry, intended majors, and completion of academic requirements.

Visit the Undergraduate Education website and meet with your academic adviser to learn more about concurrent majors.


Students cannot complete concurrent majors where both majors are under administrative enrollment control. As of summer 2017, this means that College of IST students cannot simultaneously enroll in two College of IST majors or add a concurrent major that is under enrollment control from another college.

Students outside of the College of IST interested in enrolling in concurrent majors should meet with a College of IST academic adviser during a drop-in appointment to understand their options.

Concurrent majors must all be at the baccalaureate degree level or all at the associate degree level. Bachelor of arts and bachelor of science majors may be combined.

Enrollment and Scheduling

Requests for a concurrent major can be made once the student has been approved for their primary major and has met the entrance to major requirements for the concurrent major.

The addition of a concurrent major may extend graduation dates, and students agree to the tentative academic plans and timelines they submit. Acceptance into the concurrent major does not ensure that courses will be available or completed in the manner that is listed on the student’s proposed academic plan.

Course scheduling conflicts may arise, and courses for the concurrent major are accessible on a space available basis. Therefore, successful completion of a concurrent major within any time frame cannot be guaranteed.