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The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide a period of time for study of research, the object of which is to enable recipients to increase their usefulness in their work with the University. A leave with pay (sabbatical) is a privilege which may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated, preferably by published or otherwise recognized work, substantial ability in scholarship, research and training, or other creative work.

Sabbatical proposals may be submitted in the year tenure is awarded for a leave to commence the following year, provided that the faculty member has completed six full years of service as required by policy. An individual becomes eligible for a subsequent sabbatical leave provided that the minimum required contract years of full-time service has elapsed since beginning a previous sabbatical leave.

Percentage of salary while on sabbatical - fall and spring semesters: 67%; 1 semester: 100%

University Sabbatical Leave Guidelines

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Upcoming Sabbaticals

  • Guoray Cai – Fall 2021/Spring 2022
  • Carleen Maitland – Fall 2021/Spring 2022
  • Frank Ritter – Fall 2021/Spring 2022
  • Vasant Honavar – Spring 2022

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