College of IST First-Year Student Laptop Requirement

The College of IST requires that all new first-year students enrolled as a pre-major (INFST) in the college at University Park have their own laptop that meets or exceeds minimum technical specifications.

This requirement is intended to equip students with a device designed to last for four years, ensures they have access to a level of technology needed to complete their coursework, and allows instructors to effectively incorporate a standard of technology into their courses. Students may be required to bring their laptops to class.

Over time, having a personal laptop that meets certain standards better positions students to complete assignments, collaborate effectively with classmates, receive hands-on instruction, and make use of flexible educational environments. Ultimately, it supports an equitable Penn State experience and prepares students with the digital fluency needed to create new knowledge and thrive in emerging careers.

Students planning to enroll in summer 2022 or after

More information on the laptop requirement for students planning to enroll in the summer 2022 semester or after will be available soon. Stay tuned to this webpage for more information.

Students enrolling in spring 2021 or before

If you have questions about the College of IST laptop requirement, technical specifications, the one-time technology scholarship, or purchasing a laptop, please email