Change of Campus Process

The change of campus process applies to students who are currently attending one Penn State campus and are considering changing their campus location to a different Penn State campus. For example, students currently attending Penn State Berks who are considering changing their campus location to University Park can complete the change of campus process if they meet the requirements below.

To be eligible for a change of campus, students must:

  • be enrolled in a major
  • be between 4th and 5th semester standing (44.1-74 total credits earned)
  • request a permanent change of campus to a campus where their major can be completed

The change of major and change of campus are two separate and distinct processes. Changes of major must be completed first.

If a student has a pending change of major request in Update Academics in LionPATH, they cannot submit a change of campus request. If a conditional response is received for change of major, students can file a change of campus request.

Undergraduate students can request a change of campus in their LionPATH Student Center by clicking Degree Planning and Progress and then selecting the Update Campus button.

Type of Change

Students can request either a permanent or a temporary change of campus. A temporary change of campus should be requested when circumstances are such that students need to change to a campus other than their home campus for one semester only. Students should discuss this decision with their assigned academic adviser. At the end of an approved temporary change of campus, students must return to their original campus.

For additional information regarding using Update Campus, refer to the LionPATH help page.

Change of Campus Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Which events will help me transition my academics to University Park campus?

  • Once your campus change is approved, Penn State Link UP events are the perfect place to start. These events will help you learn about the change of campus experience, campus resources, and how to transition to University Park. You may also read more about considering your change of campus.

When will I be assigned an academic adviser from University Park campus?

  • Once you have declared your major by using update academics in LionPATH, and submitted your change of campus to UP by using update campus in LionPATH, you will be assigned an adviser in the following weeks. Generally, your IST adviser will be assigned a few weeks prior to the start of your first semester at University Park. You will be introduced to your new adviser via your Penn State email. You are encouraged to work with your assigned campus adviser until you are officially assigned an IST adviser at University Park. However, if you have questions about your transition to University Park, you may email at any time.

How can I learn how to schedule meetings with my University Park academic adviser? My commonwealth campus doesn’t use Starfish for scheduling.

When should I make an appointment with my adviser?

  • As soon as you are notified that you have been assigned a UP adviser via your Penn State email, you can immediately use Starfish to make an appointment, which can be virtual. For quick advising questions, consider coming to a virtual drop-in to speak with an academic adviser at University Park. For drop-in dates and time please, visit the IST appointments webpage.

Why was my change of campus request not accepted or approved right away?

  • Along with the stated criteria above, Lionpath will not accept students requesting a change of campus until they have reached 44.1 or if they have exceeded 74 total credits. However, your request is automatically submitted for a Dean’s review and a determination of your acceptance will be made at that time. Once the determination has been made, you will be notified. (E.g. You could be above the 74 total credits due to AP, or IB, or dual enrollment credits).

Where can I access career resources and find internships?

  • The College of IST has a webpage of career resources available with sample resumes, interview preparation information, resources for the internship and full-time job search, as well as information on how to meet with a Career Coach. Internships and full-time positions are posted to Nittany Lion Careers, Penn State’s recruiting job and internship posting platform. This resource is available to all Penn State students and alumni regardless of their campus location or major.

Who do I contact at University Park with questions about my internship? Can I talk to a Career Coach?

  • The Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement is the office at University Park that approves and registers students for the internship requirement. You can work with the career resources at your current campus as well to find and complete your internship prior to transitioning to University Park.
  • All career appointments are scheduled through Starfish. We hold both in-person and virtual coaching appointments. Drop-in appointments are also available.

Can I fulfill the internship requirement prior to coming to University Park?

  • Yes. You may complete the IST Internship requirement at any time in your IST degree journey. You must, however, have your internship experience approved by your career office and be registered for the IST 495 class requirement at the same time that you are completing your internship hours. Full internship registration details can be found on the IST Careers webpage.

I did an internship and forgot to register for the course. Can I still get credit?

  • You are required to be registered for the IST 495 class at the same time as you are completing your internship experience. Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to work through your specific situation as soon as you recognize this issue. Full internship approval process and requirements can be found on the IST Careers webpage.

Can I attend Career Fairs at University Park?

  • The IST Internship and Career fairs, as well as the Fall and Spring Career Days facilitated by Penn State Career Services, are open for all students to attend regardless of their campus location. More information can be found on IST’s career fairs webpage.

What steps can I take now to be prepared for my transition to University Park?

Who does the office serve?

  • The Office of Inclusion and Diversity Engagement in the College of IST serves and advocates for all members of the IST community by creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment. We specialize in providing resources and support for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, including gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability, religious affiliation, veteran status, and first generation.

What does this office do?

  • We strive to provide an environment that is welcoming and inclusive, and serve as a point of contact for students to connect them with resources and opportunities that will help them thrive at IST and Penn State.
  • We hold programs and events where students can engage with faculty, staff and their peers to better understand how demographic and intellectual diversity create new ways of viewing the world that provide our community with a rich experience. We also work closely with IST’s corporate partners to provide professional development and networking opportunities for students to explore career opportunities and participate in experiential programs.

Can I reach out to the office prior to me coming to University Park?

What other multicultural resources and offices are at University Park?

How do I get involved in student organizations at University Park?

  • The College of IST hosts an involvement fair each semester to highlight the student organizations that are affiliated with the college’s academic programs, professional industries, and student communities. Students can also attend the Penn State Involvement Fair to explore student organizations beyond IST. If you’re not sure where to begin, schedule a Student Engagement Consultation to talk one-on-one with a member of the Student Engagement team to learn more about the opportunities that match your goals and interests.

I was a student ambassador at my commonwealth campus. Are there similar opportunities to represent the College of IST at University Park?

  • The College of IST operates the IST Diplomats, a college student ambassador and professional development program. These students work closely with staff, alumni, employers, and prospective undergraduate students. They represent the college’s many academic programs, career solutions, and student engagement opportunities. If you are interested in applying to the IST Diplomats, contact or read more online.

University Park is bigger than my commonwealth campus. How can I make the community feel more approachable and personal?

I have a question that I don’t see answered on this page. Who can I contact?

  • Email your question to, where it will reach a group of IST staff members who support the change of campus community in the College of IST. You are also encouraged to browse the full IST website to see if your answer appears on another page.

How do I schedule appointments with Academic Service offices at University Park Campus?

I knew my professors well at my commonwealth campus. How can I get to know my professors at University Park?

  • Students are encouraged to talk with their professors after class, meet with them during their office hours, and talk frequently with the Learning Assistants assigned to their classes.