Change of Campus Process

The change of campus process applies to students who are currently attending one Penn State campus and are considering changing their campus location to a different Penn State campus. For example, students currently attending Penn State Berks who are considering changing their campus location to University Park can complete the change of campus process if they meet the requirements below.

To be eligible for a change of campus, students must:

  • be enrolled in a major
  • have between 44.1 and 74 cumulative credits at the beginning of the semester in which the change of campus request is submitted
  • request a permanent change of campus to a campus where their major can be completed

The change of major and change of campus are two separate and distinct processes. Changes of major must be completed first.

If a student has a pending change of major request in Update Academics in LionPATH, they cannot submit a change of campus request. If a conditional response is received for change of major, students can file a change of campus request.

Undergraduate students can request a change of campus in their LionPATH Student Center by clicking Degree Planning and Progress then selecting the Update Campus button.

Type of Change

Students can request either a permanent or a temporary change of campus. A temporary change of campus should be requested when circumstances are such that students need to change to a campus other than their home campus for one semester only. Students should discuss this decision with their assigned academic adviser. At the end of an approved temporary change of campus, students must return to their original campus.

For additional information regarding using Update Campus, refer to the LionPATH help page.

Change of Campus Process