Student Engagement

Success in IST is about more than the classes you choose. It’s about the opportunities you embrace to find out what matters to you and to provide you with the skills that make you well-rounded and versatile. And the more you learn about the College of IST, the more you’ll realize there is no typical student. Our students have widely varying backgrounds and interests. They are researchers, interns, student-athletes, musicians, fundraisers, and leaders in both technical and non-technical organizations.

So whether you want to engage with your peers through a student organization, conduct research alongside IST faculty, or make progress toward your degree in another country, IST and Penn State have a variety of experiences to help you blaze your own trail in and out of the classroom.

Student Organizations

Connect with your peers through an IST student organization, start your own group, and explore the more than 1,000 clubs offered by Penn State.

Enrichment Funding

Get financial support for your group’s activities that enhance the IST experience for you and your classmates.

Living Learning Community

Build your community by living and learning with your IST classmates in a designated floor in the West Halls Residence Area.

IST Diplomats

Become an IST student ambassador to represent the college at events, connect with prospective students, and engage alumni and friends.

Inclusion and Diversity

Explore resources and opportunities to grow your cultural competencies and create a welcoming climate in the college.

Undergraduate Research

Support IST faculty with their research, hone your critical thinking skills, and build the foundation for your career or continued education.

Education Abroad

See the world and make progress toward your degree by studying abroad through one of IST or Penn State’s international programs.

Upcoming Events

Check out upcoming events to help you make the most of your time outside the classroom.

Penn State Student Affairs

Access services offered through Penn State Student Affairs, including health and wellness, student life, campus safety, and diversity resources.