IST Honor Code

As a member of the College of IST community,
I uphold myself to the highest level of expected integrity
I hold responsibility for my decisions, actions, and their consequences
I exercise respect to faculty, staff, and peers both within and outside of my community
I advocate and participate in ethical and honest discovery
I achieve the highest level of excellence in my current and future endeavors
By upholding myself to these standards, I demonstrate the most authentic version of myself

Student leaders in IST Student Government adopted an honor code to reinforce personal accountability of Penn State Values and academic integrity. Signing the IST Honor Code is a symbolic commitment to upholding the expectations of the IST community. After signing the IST Honor Code, you will receive information about the student-led campaign and upcoming opportunities with IST Student Government.

The IST Honor Code is based on Penn State Values and Smeal Honor Code.

Sign the Honor Code

Dear IST Community,

As members of the College of Information Science and Technology community, we have shown that we have big ideas; seek creative solutions; and value innovation, collaboration, and diversity. The IST Honor Code is a student-led initiative that reflects these values in an effort to strengthen our college community and empower its members to be confident in their work within and beyond the college. This Honor Code reinforces all six of Penn State’s core values by incorporating them into the IST student and academic experience.

We encourage all members of the college’s community to sign the IST Honor Code. By doing so, we can uphold high levels of integrity, demonstrate accountability for our actions, and show respect for all. Signing the IST Honor Code shows that you are an advocate for ethical and honest discovery and strive to achieve excellence as a member of the IST community.

The Officers of IST Student Government

The IST Honor Code reinforces our collective commitment to academic integrity and the Penn State Values. Signing the code encourages acts of personal responsibility. It strengthens confidence that our words and actions are sincere and credible. And it charges us to continually evolve and embrace our role in ensuring trust, respect, and equitable culture across the college.

I am grateful to the IST Student Government members who drive this student-led initiative and work to ensure its widespread adoption. Their leadership and your participation demonstrate an authentic effort to continually improve our community and make it a welcoming place for all.

I encourage all members of the IST community – students, faculty, staff, and alumni – to sign the IST Honor Code and uphold our shared promises of acting honestly, ethically, and with integrity in all that we do.

Andrea Tapia, interim dean