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Preparation for Graduation

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Notifying the University

Students are responsible for notifying the University of their intent to graduate. At the beginning of the semester in which they will meet degree requirements and plan to graduate, they should notify the University by using the Apply for Graduation link on the My Academics page in LionPATH. Please refer to the LionPATH help page for directions on how to use this application.

Prior to applying for graduation, students should verify that their academic record is accurate by viewing academic plans through Update Academics in LionPATH. It is very important to add minor plans that have been completed which are not showing on the student record and it is equally important to remove minor plans that are no longer being completed from student record. Once students apply for graduation academic records can no longer be updated.

Students should refer to the Intent to Graduate-Activation Period of the University's Academic Calendar to determine the dates when they can apply for graduation.

Once you have applied for graduation, you will have the ability to check the status of your application as well as review and update your diploma address.

Note:  All diplomas are mailed to the diploma address indicated, once graduation is complete.

Graduation at Alternative Campus

Students may ask to attend commencement exercises at Penn State campuses not assigned to them. To make this request, the student should submit the appropriate alternate commencement site form, associate degree or baccalaureate degree, to the graduation coordinator in the college offering his/her major. Requests must be submitted before the eleventh week of the semester the student is graduating.

University Park students who have submitted a temporary change of assignment to a different campus for their final semester need to complete and submit this form if they plan on attending the commencement ceremony at University Park. 

Requesting to Walk in Commencement Ceremony

With the permission of the college dean or chancellor, students may be allowed to walk in the commencement ceremony. Students who walk are usually within no more than 2 courses or 8 credits from meeting all graduation requirements and are registered to complete these the following semester. O-6: PARTICIPATION IN COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES

Students attend the commencement ceremony as non-graduating participant. Students must remember to apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester in which they are enrolling in their final course(s) to officially graduate and receive their diploma.