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These policies are firm. Please note that enrollment in World Campus courses is not available via LionPath to non-World Campus students. Students who meet the criteria below may send an email request to World Campus Registration at

Adult Learners

  • May register at any time.
  • Must meet enforced pre-requisite requirements. Students who do not meet the enforced pre-requisites should contact their academic adviser for discussion.

Non-adult Learners



All Learners

  • Cannot register via Lion Path; email request to
  • Must meet ENFORCED pre-requisite requirements for IST and SRA PREFIX courses.
  • Students who do not meet the enforced pre-requisites should contact their academic adviser for discussion.

Adult Learners

Non-adult Learners


Important message for students who plan to complete their degrees at University Park, including those who plan to apply for a change of campus to University Park:

The B.S. in Security and Risk Analysis – Entrance into the Information and Cyber Security option will be discontinued after the Spring 2019 semester at University Park.

Students who wish to declare the SRA-ICS option and complete their degree at University Park must satisfy all entrance to major requirements by the end of Spring 2019. After Spring 2019, students will no longer be able to declare the ICS option for the SRA degree at University Park. 


Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 11, LionPATH registration holds will be placed for students who have not submitted mandatory immunization information through myUHS. The registration hold will prohibit students from scheduling for spring 2018 courses until the requirement has been met. This will impact approximately 5,000 students new to the University in summer and fall 2017.


Some students may have received an email from the Registrar's Office with the subject of "Attendance in Question." These students have been identified for various reasons, mostly because of a delinquent Bursar account, that they might not actually be here for the current semester. The students are told to email the Registrar's Office to let us know that they truly are attending or their Fall 2017 classes will be cancelled on September 28th.


Though an on-going campaign has been underway to inform students of immunization requirements, many are still non-compliant.  As a result, registration holds have been placed on those students who are out of compliance.


Students can use Update Academics in LionPATH to change, add, or remove majors, options, minors, and certificates. If you have completed or are taking the Entrance to Major (ETM) courses this semester, you can request a change into the major for the Fall 2017 semester. This change is conditional based on your completing the ETM courses with a C or better and have a cumulative gpa of at least a 2.0.