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Frequently Asked Questions: Minors

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A minor is an approved set of courses (18-21 credits) concentrating on a specific area of knowledge and consist of coursework in a single area or from several disciplines. At least six (6) credits must be at the 400 level and all courses for the minor require a grade of C or above. Many of the upper-level courses have prerequisites that also need to be fulfilled and are not necessarily included in the 18-21 credits specifically listed to complete the minor.

At least 6 credits of the minor must be unique from any other degree or minor earned by the student.

  • Gather information on the minor from the University Undergraduate Advising Handbook and contact the person in charge for the most up-to-date information on requirements, course recommendations, availability, prerequisites, and sequencing. Also check the college or department Web site to see if they have provided a specific link to information on the minor. Since the University may make changes to what minors are offered at any time, it is important that you get the most current information from your adviser.
  • Visit the Web site of the Registrar’s Office for a list of undergraduate minors listed by college. IST also offers a variety of IST minors jointly with other departments that have approved baccalaureate minors.
  • Meet with your adviser to discuss incorporating the minor into your major and develop a plan for meeting the requirements. Meet with the adviser for the minor for specific questions about courses required for the minor.

Students must apply for a minor by using Update Academics in LionPATH. Please refer to the Undergraduate Student LionPATH help page for tutorial on how to use this feature.

Changes that are approved during the drop/add period of a term will be approved effective for that current term. Changes that are approved after the drop/add period of a term will be effective for the upcoming term and will be visible in the Student Center at the beginning of that term.

When a student graduates, completion of a minor is recorded on his/her transcript by the Registrar, and the student receives an official certificate certifying completion of the minor. The certificate is mailed with the diploma.

A minor can be declared after the student has achieved at least third semester classification (29.1 credits) or has been accepted into his/her major.

To graduate with a minor, students must be accepted in the minor before the late drop deadline of their last semester.

If you have declared a minor but no longer wish to complete the minor you must remove the minor from your student record using Update Academics in LionPATH. It is advised that students remove minors from their record prior to applying for graduation.

Students will have access to required courses for minors on a space available basis once they are officially able to declare the minor (see timeline above).

"Students may not change from a campus that offers their major to a campus that does not offer their major for the purpose of completing a minor." L-6 Minors- Entrance and Certification policy.  

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