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Independent Study IST 596

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Independent Study IST 596The College of IST allows students to take independent study courses (IST 596) with IST graduate faculty members to learn about areas that are not taught in regular IST graduate courses or in graduate courses in other departments and programs.

The College will use the following guidelines for the Independent Study policy:

  • Students requesting an independent study course must submit a completed Independent Study Form to the Graduate Programs Office for review by the Graduate Program Director before or during the FIRST week of the semester in which you plan to take the independent study course. Here is an example of a correctly completed Independent Study Form.
  • The maximum number of independent study credits a student can obtain during the duration of their studies is six. The maximum hours per independent study course is three but can range from 1-3 depending on the work proposed. These credits will count toward the specialization area course requirements.
  • Independent study is not to be used for M.S. or Ph.D. research credits. Rather, it is for students to do independent coursework on a subject that is not being offered in IST or elsewhere at Penn State.
  • The student must meet with the independent study instructor for the contact hours related to the number of requested credits. For example, a three-credit independent study course would require three contact hours a week.
  • The output of the independent study course must be a deliverable that is relevant to the course and agreed upon by the student and the instructor.