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Internship Program

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The IST Internship Program is committed to providing comprehensive resources designed to educate students in the areas of self-assessment, career exploration, and career planning.

Nothing enhances your education, prepares you for professional life, or helps you make good career decisions like an internship experience.  That's why it is a required part of the IST program.  As a student intern, you set your professional development in motion and take charge of your future. You are essentially test-driving a particular set of job duties, a company, or a career path to see if they truly suit your interests and skills. 

All bachelor and associate degree students in IST must complete at least one internship (for credit) prior to graduation. 


Explore Benefits

Jump start your career by participating in an internship at one of the many well-known companies and agencies that recruit at IST, including our Corporate Associates!  In the past few years, IST students have participated in many internships, earning an average of $20/hr.  You too can be one of these successful students… Get Involved, Get an Internship!

With an internship, you can:

  • Explore Your Career Opportunities
    An internship helps you focus and evaluate your academic and career choices. It helps you answer these questions: Am I focusing on the right areas of IST in my education? Is this the kind of work I want to pursue?
  • Develop Yourself Professionally
    An internship helps you polish the skills it takes to succeed in the workplace. You also learn the value of networking and how to search for a job.
  • Enhance Your Maturity and Self-Confidence
    Experience what it means to be a professional. Know how to get a job done and done well. Get a handle on what it takes to take care of business – relocation, housing, transportation, and financial obligations.
  • Improve Your Marketability
    Build a solid resume with hard evidence of successful work experience. Broaden your skills. Get the knowledge you need to convince an employer that you are the candidate of choice.
  • Further Your Education
    An internship gives you the opportunity to gain and practice important technical skills in the real-world work environment while you improve your oral and written capabilities. You can also earn academic credit.

Internship Resources

Students in the College of IST have many internship and job search resources available to them.  Previous interns have successfully identified internship opportunities by:

  • searching in Nittany Lion Careers, where employers post internship and full-time opportunities targeting Penn State students
  • utilizing other job posting sites
  • networking with local businesses (these could be at University Park or in your hometown)
  • using LinkedIn's job search tool and alumni engagement tool
  • connecting with faculty -- both to identify industry connections and participate in research opportunities
  • leveraging your family connections and network of friends
  • searching PSU's internal job site

Additionally, you can explore what other IST students have been doing to fulfill their internship requirement through our Internship Registration Database.  Please note: this information is reported by students and is not edited.



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