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Housing Resources

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Some companies provide housing for interns, but many do not. Be sure to ask your new employer what services they provide incoming interns (company provided housing, assistance finding housing, housing stipend, etc.) so you are prepared in advance. If your hiring company does not provide housing, below are some ideas.

Contact the Office of Career Solutions to find out if any of your peers are leaving an internship in that area. They may be able to connect you with the housing / apartment service they used.

Know anyone who currently lives in that area? Contact them for help identifying potential housing.

Many colleges and universities will open up dorm spaces for students interning in their local area. Below is a list of our most popular internship locations. Don't see your new city on this list? Google "summer intern housing (insert city name)"

Disclaimer: Please consider your options carefully and use your best judgment in finding housing. The Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement does not endorse any of these sites in particular, nor are we responsible for the content that you find there. If at any time you have concerns about these sites or the validity of the information, please contact our office.

Relocation Resources

Moving to a new city for your full-time job? Check out these helpful guides and articles:



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