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Professional Writing Etiquette

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Throughout the job search process, you will need to correspond with a variety of professionals and will have several career related documents.  It's important to remain professional in all correspondence and ensure that you are representing yourself well.  Not taking the time to pay attention to the details will cause you to lose credibility and will jeopardize your chances of landing the job.

Key things to remember


  • Be sure that your sentences make sense and you are clear an concise.  Ask a friend, or parent, or an IST Career Coach to review your emails and/or documents.  Others will often pick up on missed words or run-on sentences that may have been overlooked in your initial proofing.

Check spelling and grammar

  • Using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are important.  An easy way for recruiters to weed through a stack of resumes is to toss out any with spelling or grammatical errors.  Formatting is important too!

Use appropriate language

  • Make sure the correspondence is genuine (i.e. it sounds like you and not a thesaurus) but remember that you are speaking with a recruiter or industry professional.  Avoid starting emails with "hey", using text messaging abbreviations and slang, and be respectful.

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