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Students in the College of IST are prepared to serve in a variety of capacities for your organization. From project management to teamwork and communication, IST students learn “soft” skills to compliment their technical expertise. They are able to hit the ground running in a variety of areas and make a difference in your organization as an intern or full-time hire. Areas of specialization for students include enterprise architecture, cyber security, Web development, and many more. Our students are placed in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Silicon Valley startups to government organizations and everything in between. The College of IST’s Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement can help find the perfect student or students to meet your organization’s needs.

If you are interested in becoming connected with other college-supported career offices at Penn State , visit the Recruiting at Penn State website to learn more about all of the recruiting opportunities and career fairs. You can also email for more information - recruiting@psu.edu.

NOTE: Information Regarding Unpaid Internships

Due to recent litigation related to unpaid internships, we would like to share with you the United States Department of Labor Fact Sheet on Internships under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Please refer to these resources for additional information and criteria that must be applied when offering unpaid internships.


Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement

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