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Students in the College of IST are prepared to serve in a variety of capacities for your organization. Whether it’s through internships, externships, experiential learning opportunities, or full-time careers, IST students are ready to make a difference. Our graduates work in countless industries and with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to Silicon Valley startups, to government organizations, and everything in between.

“IST students set themselves apart from their peers.  They come from a wide-range of backgrounds, and within their chosen majors it is evident that teamwork and collaboration is just as important as having the right technical skills and capabilities.  This is a powerful combination that is highly sought after and KPMG Cyber has prioritized its recruiting efforts to attract and hire Penn State’s best.  This is evident in the strong pipeline of IST and SRA interns and new hires accepting job offers within the firm, and their success as they progress within their careers at KPMG.” Matt Sadler - Director, KPMG Cyber

Student Profile

The College of IST currently has four undergraduate majors, Information Sciences and Technology, Security and Risk Analysis, Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations, and Data Sciences. Along with the technical knowledge that students gain in each major, they are learning skills like project management, communication, critical thinking, leadership, and team work. Our College also offers Graduate Degree Programs and Online Degrees and Certificates.

Recruit & Connect

IST’s Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement is here to help you interact with our students every step of the way. Whether you want to recruit IST students at our career fairs, post a job opportunity to COMPASS, or bring a case study from your organization to our classrooms, we are ready to connect you with some of the most versatile students in technology to meet your needs. Read more...

Sponsorship Opportunities

IST offers a variety of ways for companies to tap into the resources of the College and the Penn State community. Corporate sponsorship opportunities not only provide your organization with unique access to our students and future hiring talent, but your support is vital to our mission and vision of providing a world class education, developing future leaders, and standing at the forefront of technology research. Read more...



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