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How will courses from a previous college be evaluated?

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The evaluation of transferable credits from another institution is a two-step process.

First, the Undergraduate Admissions Office follows policies set forth by the Faculty Senate of the Penn State for determining how credits transfer to Penn State using the following criteria:

  • the course grade earned is equivalent to a grade of A, B, or C (2.0) at Penn State
  • there is an equivalent course at Penn State and the credits are useful to the program of study
  • Only coursework successfully completed at other colleges and universities recognized by the six regional accrediting associations will be considered for transfer credit
  • The Transferring Credits Tool allows  students to enter courses taken from another institution and view Penn State’s evaluation of each course: Transferring Credits Tool.

Second, the academic department in which the student enrolls is responsible for determining how and if the credits may be applied to meet the requirements of the degree program.