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Information Sciences and Technology (2IST)

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Information Sciences and Technology (2IST)This associate degree major is structured to prepare graduates for immediate and continuing employment opportunities in the broad disciplines of information science and technology.  Specifically, the major is designed to ensure a thorough knowledge of information systems and includes extensive practice using contemporary technologies in the creation, organization, storage, analysis, evaluation, communication, and transmission of information. The major fosters communications, interpersonal, and group interaction skills through appropriate collaborative and active learning projects and experiences. Team projects in most courses, a required internship, and a second-year capstone experience provide additional, focused venues for involving students in the cutting-edge issues and technologies in the field.

The Associate of Science in IST degree is administered by the College of IST at University Park and delivered by World Campus and Continuing Education. 2IST is geared towards the Adult Learner.

Options in the 2IST program include:


This option provides maximum articulation with the baccalaureate degree. Students who complete this option will meet all lower division requirements for the baccalaureate degree.

Generalized Business

This option enables students to specialize in the general business areas of accounting, marketing, and management.


This option enables students to work closely with an adviser to develop a plan of study that meets the dual objectives of allowing a flexible academic program and providing breadth of technical specialization.

For the Associate in Science degree in IST, a minimum of 60 credits is required.