Graduate Program Information

Graduate Faculty Committees


Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC)

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GAC coordinates and oversees all administrative-related matters to IST Graduate Programs (curriculum, etc.) to:

  • initiate and review policy matters pertaining to the graduate programs in the College and to recommend resolution of questions pertaining to graduate student or graduate program concerns, as requested by the Senior Associate Dean in charge of graduate programs (or the appropriately named administrator in charge of graduate programs)
  • initiate and review all additions and revisions to graduate curriculum
  • advise the faculty and administration on matters pertaining to the relationships between graduate and other academic programs and activities in the College
  • make recommendations to the Senior Associate Dean concerning the resolution of grievances brought before the Committee by the Graduate Programs Advisor on behalf of graduate students

Items within GAC purview:

  • R Faculty Status
  • Annual Graduate Student Evaluations
  • Details on how committee members rotate
  • Student issues
  • Policy Changes
  • First-year student requirements are determined by this committee
  • Course Proposals get reviewed and approved by this committee
  • Revisions to qualifying exam process is determined by this committee

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Graduate Recruitment Committee (GRC)

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The GRC coordinates graduate student recruitment

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Masters Advisory and Recruitment Committee (MARC)

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Coordinate graduate student recruitment.

The MARC committee meets every other week during the Fall and Spring semesters to:

  • Coordinate and oversee all administrative-related matters that pertain to our master's programs (recruitment, curriculum, etc.).
  • Review applications for online and residential programs on a rolling basis.
    • Applications are reviewed continually as they become complete
    • Faculty can view all applications directly in GRADS, but typically utilize an integrated view the graduate programs team prepares in Smartsheet which includes only complete applications which include:
      • Transcripts, test scores, references and required documents which are appropriate for our degree program requirements.
      • PDFs of complete applications from GRADS.
  • Discuss student recruitment, retention, issues, and special application situations.
  • Consider proposals for program/course developments and revisions.

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Graduate Course Information

  • Graduate courses
  • Course Prerequisites (includes descriptions and prerequisites)
  • - Use this form to submit proposed course developments or revisions to the ASO team. This form is intended to gather some preliminary information in the early stages, so that the project can be discussed, and further details can be gathered and solidified.

Graduate Advising

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Resources for Graduate Directors (Doctoral and Masters)

If a faculty member has not had this access before, they will need to request their own access:

  • If off site, you must use the VPN
  • Go to
  • Click on the box titled “Manage User Access”
  • From here, you should see a box with your name in it, plus anyone else that might report to you.
  • Click on the box next to your name, and Next at the bottom of the screen
  • On the next screen, from the “Add Access” tab, search for “ PE SR Graduate Faculty” and “PE SR Grad Tracking GRD”. Once each appears, click on the check mark beside it, and then Next at the bottom of the screen
  • Click Submit. This should route your request to Andrew/Shannon for approval

Once the faculty member has access, use these instructions to approve students for graduation: (add or link to document with instructions)

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Your signature will be requested via email as the final step to approve a dissertation. The email (see sample below) will direct you to the ETDA to sign:

Subject: Graduate School Dissertation Review Request

Hello (NAME),

The Graduate School and (Student Name) require you to review and digitally sign a proposed work for which you have been listed as a committee member. Please login to and complete this request. If you are serving on this committee in multiple roles, you will only need to submit your review once.

If you have any further questions please contact

Sincerely, The Graduate School

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