IST Programming Workshops - pandas

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Westgate E208

The goal of this workshop is to expose students to pandas, a Python library that’s incredibly useful in the world of data science. Even with limited exposure to Python, students will learn how to load in data sets and manipulate and clean data in tables.

Suggested Level of Experience: CMPSC 131 is recommended, but not required. Basic familiarity of Python as a programming language and some of its capabilities are useful, but all students are welcome to attend the workshop regardless of prior knowledge/experience.

Prerequisite: A Kaggle account is required to take part in this workshop, all students should create an account prior to attending. Once you have created your Kaggle account, please download this dataset and store it somewhere that is accessible.

To learn more about the Programming Workshops series, visit IST's Learning website.