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Undergraduate Recruiting and Student Engagement

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E103 Westgate Building

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The Office of Undergraduate Recruiting and Student Engagement helps students navigate the Penn State and College of IST admission process and take advantage of meaningful opportunities when they arrive on campus. Team members help prospective students and families explore the college’s academic programs, connect with current students and faculty, and facilitate on-campus and virtual visit opportunities. We also help current students enhance their education through co-curricular and experiential opportunities, including participation in student organizations, education abroad, undergraduate research, and the college’s Special Living Option.

We encourage prospective students to ask questions and make an on-campus or virtual appointment by emailing us at futurestudents@ist.psu.edu. Current students can learn more about the opportunities available to them and schedule an appointment with a member of the student engagement team by emailing us at ISTengage@psu.edu.