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Academic Advising

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Our mission is to help undergraduate students achieve their fullest academic potential and to foster their growth by encouraging them to make informed decisions based on their interests, abilities, values, and goals. We help students become self-directed learners and decision makers as well as leaders in the IST and Penn State communities. Advising is a collaborative process and both advisers and students share the responsibility for making the advising relationship succeed. Students have the responsibility to meet with their Adviser, read their email, check Advising updates and IST website for changes in major requirements, new courses, and special topic courses.

AdvisingStudents typically meet with their assigned adviser at least once a semester for academic planning purposes. Students planning for a student abroad experience or concurrent major may need to meet with an adviser multiple times in one semester. Typical appointments are scheduled for thirty minutes. The more prepared a student is for their scheduled appointment the more productive the advising meeting will be. An advising appointment incorporates a review of a student’s degree audit acquired through eLion and allows students to ask questions about policy, course substitutions, transfer course work, and entrance to major. Advisers also make appropriate referrals to other Penn State recources. Beginning with the third week of a semester (Fall and Spring) through the sixth week instructors may choose to complete an Early Progress Report (EPR) which provides a warning to students with unsatisfactory performance. When an instrutcor submits an EPR, the student receives an email notifcation. Advisers receive copies of all EPRs and contact students who receive reports to discuss academic performace, consider the outcomes, review options and provide appropriate referalls.

At the end of every semester (Fall and Spring) advisers complete a Review of Educational Plans (eRep) for all 1st and 2nd years students. This provides advisers the opportunity to check grades, grade-point average, progress towards graduation, upcoming semester schedules and review accuracy of degree audit.

The IST Advising Center staff also assists with an array of administrative actions which include but are not limited to change of major requests, change of campus requests, re-enrollment, leave of absence, withdrawals, and Faculty Senate Petitions.

The IST Advising Center publishes yearly Baccalaureate Degree Roadmaps. The Baccalaureate Degree Roadmaps are curricular guides for students in the College of Information Sciences and Technology. The Roadmaps are accurate at press time. The College of IST may make changes after the initial publication. Students need to check the web pages for the latest news, course information, and more.

Students in the College of IST are assigned to one of the advisers beginning in their first semester. The initial adviser contact is through the New Student Orientation college meeting.


Students need to use their assigned PSU email account when contacting Advisers. Same day response may not be possible. Response times to email depends on the time of the semester or if advisers are out of the office. It may take longer than the usual 48-hours to respond. The IST Advising Center is open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Email is responded to during normal business hours.

Students are encouraged to read through commonly asked advising questions provided below. Many answers can easily be found through the FAQs.