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Finance and Budget

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Our mission is to provide financial and budgeting services to IST while maintaining prudent fiscal controls through adherence to University policy and procedure.

We oversee the fiscal management of the college as directed by the dean. This includes everything from planning the budget to closing out expenditures at the end of each fiscal year. Our office impacts the college as a whole; one major initiative of this office is process quality improvement for IST.

In addition, this office:

  • Gives final approval on all expense requests to assure compliance to University policy and verify adequate funding exists to cover the expenditures.
  • Processes all personnel appointments and supplemental payments.
  • Coordinates the annual salary increase process.
  • Prepares reports for the dean, department heads, faculty, and the corporate controller.
  • Conducts the annual audit.
  • Assists departments in processing requests for reimbursement and payment to vendors.
  • Advises department staff assistants in financial matters.
  • Provides training for staff assistants on financial policies and procedures.
  • Acts as an area security representative for IST.
  • Processes salary distribution.

Kera Kollman

Financial Officer, Finance

E340 Westgate Building

(814) 865-0022


Kera Kollman

Barbara Brown

Financial Manager, Finance

E339 Westgate Building

(814) 867-2639


Barbara Brown