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Moury Bidgoli

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Moury Bidgoli
  • IST Ph.D. Student (Adviser: Anna Squicciarini, Cohort: Fall 2015)

  • B.A., Criminology, Law and Society, University of California, Irvine (2013)

  • M.S., Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine (2015)

Research Interests:

Moury Bidgoli's research interests entail issues pertaining to the intersection of the law and technology such as cybercrimes and information policy. Her current research focuses on better understanding cybercrime reporting behaviors, how current cybercrime reporting processes can be improved upon to encourage victims to report cybercrimes they experienced, and to find effective ways to promote more awareness about cybercrimes and cybercrime reporting. 

  1. Bidgoli, M. & Grossklags, J. (2017). "Hello. This is the IRS calling.": A Case Study on Scams, Extortion, Impersonation, and Phone Spoofing. Proceedings of the 12th Symposium on Electronic Crime Research (eCrime), Scottsdale, Arizona, April 2017. 
  2. Bidgoli, M., Knijnenburg, B. P., & Grossklags, J. (2016). When Cybercrimes Strike Undergraduates. Proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Electronic Crime Research (eCrime), Toronto, Canada, June 2016.
  3. Bidgoli, M. & Grossklags, J. (2016). End User Cybercrime Reporting: What We Know and What We Can Do to Fix It. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Cybercrime and Computer Forensics, Vancouver, Canada, June 2016.