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Kelsey Karpinski, MSIS

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Kelsey Karpinski
  • Part-time Adjunct Instructor
  • Solution Architect at Atos

  • B.S. in Security and Risk Analysis

  • M.S. in Information Systems

  1. Syed Rizvi, Kelsey Karpinski, Taryn Walker, and Brennen Kelly, “Utilizing Third Party Auditing to Manage Trust in the Cloud,” To Complex Adaptive Systems 2015,San Jose CA, November 2-4, 2015. (accepted and presented)
  2. Syed Rizvi, Kelsey Karpinski, Brennen Kelly, Taryn Walker, “A User Oriented Cloud Security Evaluation Framework,” International Journal of Trust Management in Computing and Communications.(accepted)
  3. Syed Rizvi, Kelsey Karpinski, Abdul Razaque. Novel Architecture of Self-Organized Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks,Journal of Computing Science and Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 4, December 2015, pp. 163-176. (accepted)
  4. Syed Rizvi, Gabriel Labrador, Whitney Hernandez, Kelsey Karpinski, “Analysis of Mobile Threats and Security Vulnerabilities for Mobile Platforms and Devices,” International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks. (accepted)