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Kent Matsueda, M.A.

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Kent Matsueda
  • Assistant Director of Design & Senior Instructional Designer, Learning Design

E103 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-3466
  • M.A., TESOL, Saint Michael’s College

  • B.A., Religious Studies, University of Vermont

  • Tamagawa School, Elementary Division Teacher 2003
  • Kanazawa Technical College, Associate Professor 2004–2006
  • PSU Outreach & World Campus Learning Design, Instructional Designer 2008–2011
  • IST Office of Learning Design 2011–present
  • IST 111S: Seminar in Information Sciences and Technology World Campus Instructor 2016–present
Research Interests:
  • Simulations / Analytic Decision Games
  • 3D Design & Printing
  • 360 / XR
  • Accessibility
  • Quality Matters