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IST Alumni Society Board of Directors Nominees

The College of IST Alumni Society is currently holding elections for the Board of Directors. Voting will be closed on Friday, June 30, 2017 at midnight.

Russell Brick, '12

I am interested in pursuing a seat on the board because I am passionate about Penn State, IST, and the success of all of our alumni (both current and future).

Don Eckrod III, '16

I am a recent 2016 graduate of the College of Information Sciences and Technology. I graduated with a degree in Security Risk Analysis with an emphasis in Cyber...

Kelsey Karpinski, '16

A western PA native, I graduated with my B.S. in Security and Risk Analysis from the Altoona College, a minor in IST and a certification of recognition in Information...

Scott Lyons, '05

I nominate myself, Scott Lyons, class of '05 and CEO of Red Lion. If placed on the board, my intent is to drive the college to host more outreach to the information...

Steven M. Ney, '10

I have a personal joy and passion for the field of technology and information sciences. With my employment in health insurance informatics, I see the value in the...

James R. Rowley, '16

I would like to nominate myself. IST is one of the most promising colleges within Penn State. They have not only helped myself get an amazing job in a field I love to...

Alumni Volunteers needed for the
Fall IST Alumni Society Mentoring Program!

The IST Alumni Society is looking for volunteers to mentor current IST students. This program is meant to introduce students to professionalism and enhance their professional development. The mentor-mentee engagements can be virtual or in person. This is a great opportunity to help enrich the IST experience for current students. Read more...

IST Alumni Society

Created in 2004, the IST Alumni Society is the official group within the Penn State Alumni Association for graduates of the College of Information Sciences and Technology.


It’s easy to join the IST Alumni Society; simply enroll in the Penn State Alumni Association and you will automatically become a member of our society.

Benefits of membership

  • Learn how you can advance your career
  • Discover networking opportunities
  • Mentor IST students
  • Recruit students for your business or organization
  • Receive free subscriptions to The Penn Stater magazine, The Football Letter, and i-Connect, the alumni magazine of IST
  • Access career and financial services, insurance discounts, travel programs, and many other exciting programs
  • Receive discounts on books, Penn State clothing and gifts, and more

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The IST Alumni Spotlight is to showcase and recognize outstanding IST alumni for their success as leaders in their professional field and for the impact they have had and will continue to have on society and their profession on a monthly basis.

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