Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

The Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies provides strategic direction and management for the complete academic experience in the college.

We manage a variety of services and programs to promote academic success across all aspects of undergraduate and graduate education by providing direction to several the college’s academic offices, including:

Services Provided


All students should act with a mutual commitment to personal integrity, respect other students’ dignity, rights, and property, and help create and maintain an environment in which all can succeed and earn the trust and respect of others. This includes honesty and responsibility in representing your own work and acknowledging the contribution of others. Academic dishonesty is managed by Penn State's Office of Student Conduct and is taken very seriously.

IST students should review the college's academic integrity webpage to become familiar with their role in the process and understand how to protect themselves and their work from violations of Penn State's student code of conduct.

Faculty Resources

The Penn State student code of conduct includes a section entitled Violations of Academic Integrity. When a faculty member believes that a student has engaged in behavior included in this code, they are both required to participate in the academic integrity process as outlined in the G-9 procedures designed by the Faculty Senate.

The University’s academic integrity policy provides for two types of sanctions: academic and disciplinary. IST faculty should complete the following steps to aid in their consideration of sanctions for academic integrity violations.

  1. Review the IST administrative guideline on academic integrity
  2. Review the IST Sanction Guidelines for Academic Integrity Violations
  3. If appropriate, complete the IST Academic Integrity Form

Academic Integrity Resources

It is the graduating student's responsibility to notify the University of their intent to graduate through LionPATH at the beginning of the semester in which the student plans to graduate. Check the Academic Calendar for the dates when students can activate their intent to graduate.

If a student who wishes to question or challenge the grade assigned in a course and it cannot be resolved with the instructor, the undergraduate or graduate student may seek further review from the associate dean for the college offering the course and request a formal grade adjudication process by completing a Grade Adjudication Petition Form.

The submissions of courses, either temporary or permanent, follows the Penn State Faculty Senate submission and approval processes. If you are interested in improving existing courses as well as support innovative and timely new course proposals, you must contact Sue Lauver for each corresponding area. The procedures vary widely for each area and committee review is required within the college.

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