Fixed-Term Faculty Promotion

Materials Required (Candidate)

  • Academic CV (include service)
  • Narrative Statement (three-page limit, 1600-word limit)
  • Statement on Teaching Philosophy
  • Letters of Support from five students past or present (promotion to full teaching professor only)

Materials Required (Provided by Faculty Affairs Administrative Staff)

  • SRTE scores and full summary of student comments for each class taught beginning with IST date of hire
  • Summary of Peer Evaluations beginning with IST date of hire
  • Summary of Faculty Annual reviews beginning with IST date of hire

Please Send PDF Files to Kathy Wiest

  • Kathy Wiest -
  • One file containing academic CV
  • One file containing Narrative Statement
  • One file containing Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  • One file containing five letters of support from students (for promotion to full teaching professor)

A narrative statement indicates a candidate’s sense of their scholarship of teaching and learning; scholarship of research (if applicable) and creative accomplishments; and service and scholarship of service to the University, society, and the profession.

The purpose of this statement is to give candidates the opportunity to place their work and activities in context of their overall goals and agendas.


  • 2-3 Pages
  • No more than 1600 words
  • Should include all academic Penn State appointment dates
  • Should include all service information provided to IST and the professional community since IST date of hire, such as committee names and date(s) served
  • Should be current

Committee 1

Five members comprised of fixed-term and tenure-track faculty members

Committee 2

Three members comprised of full teaching professors

  • Organize your information
  • Start early
  • Ask questions
  • Submit completed dossier on schedule

Office of Faculty Affairs

E397 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-3528