Online Student Spotlight

Enhancing a law enforcement career with a Penn State cybersecurity education

January 21, 2020

With a law enforcement career spanning more than 20 years and an established private investigations firm of his own, Ron Long could be considered an expert in the field of investigative work.


Online learner attains full Penn State student experience

November 10, 2019

Chase Kelly, who earned his associate and bachelor’s degrees online through the College of Information Sciences and Technology as a first-generation adult learner, wanted to get as much of the college experience as he could because he didn’t when he was college-aged.


Combination of techniques could improve security for Internet of Things devices

October 10, 2019

A multi-pronged data analysis approach that can strengthen the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices — such as smart TVs, home video cameras and baby monitors — against current risks and threats has been created by a team of Penn State World Campus students pursuing master of professional


Online classroom offers IST student opportunity to continue education

September 11, 2019

Kevin Golden, a senior studying security and risk analysis, considered withdrawing from the University because his physical limitations from spina bifida were preventing him from focusing in the classroom.