Edge Discovery magazine profiles Vasant Honavar

Vasant Honavar, professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology, Huck Chair in Biomedical Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence, and founding director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Foundations and Scientific Applications (CENSAI), was featured in the Winter/Spring 2024 issue of Edge Discovery magazine.

The article, “Accelerating Scientific Progress Through Foundational AI Research,” profiles Honavar’s work in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and highlights CENSAI’s interdisciplinary collaborations.

CENSAI brings together more than 40 researchers from across Penn State with the goal of advancing AI to accelerate scientific discovery. Combining the expertise and interests of a wide range of fields has already led to successes in life sciences, material science and health care.

In the story, Honavar discussed the distinction between AI research— understanding the capabilities of AI and developing better AI technologies — and the AI applications that deploy such technologies. He added that education and regulation are necessary for promoting the use of AI to improve society and enrich lives while minimizing its potential for harm.