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IST IST Partners The IST Advisory Board

The IST Advisory Board



Standing (left to right): Ronald Police, Joseph Atkinson, Stephen Pace, Antonio Pensa, Paul Bell, Donald Haile, Marcus Hansen, Michael Laphen, Craig Cuyar, Robert Bardusch, David Reese and John Sternbergh

Seated (left to right): Roderick Murchison, Edward Frymoyer, Mary Beth Rosson (Interim-Dean), Robert Morgan, Beth Jones and Cathy Pomanti

Not pictured: John Meyer, Mark Poblete, Jordan Rednor, David Rusenko and Matthew Schuyler


The IST Advisory Board was founded in 1999 to further the partnership between Penn State and the world of information sciences and technology. Robert Morgan is the chairman. Bringing together representatives of the College, its faculty, and its students with top-level executives in IT, the board continues the vital tradition of education-industry partnership on which the college was established.

The board also is a source of business and industry expertise, ensuring that IST's programs of teaching, research, and outreach are in tune with current and future trends in information sciences and technology. The board assists IST with developing career opportunities for students and making connections with industry and government. In addition, the board looks for ways to enhance the educational experience of IST students through internships and learning opportunities based on real-world problems.

Our Board Members

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