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IST Future Students ISTBA


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Information Sciences and Technology (ISTBA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Information Sciences and Technology (ISTBA) provides students with new and creative avenues of study and allows for technology to be blended with the arts, humanities, social sciences and more.

The ISTBA program allows you to design your own course plan with the help of an academic adviser. Potential focus areas include:

  • Communication Arts and Sciences:Learn about the application of information technology in areas such as organizational communication and interpersonal communication.
  • Health Policy Administration: Learn about the growing field of medical informatics and how it is changing the future of health care.
  • Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management:Learn the skills necessary to direct the planning, design, and analysis of information technology for hospitality companies.
  • Pre-Law:A technical background can help you understand legal topics including intellectual property and international law. This unique perspective may also help you stand out on law school applications.

Find Out More

For more information about the ISTBA degree, please see the ISTBA Student Guide or contact the College of IST's Undergraduate Advising Center at 866-225-8707