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Degree Programs

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Undergraduate Programs

Come Explore ISTIs your brain buzzing with ideas for the next big app? Do you have a “big picture” mindset? Do you use social media to promote causes that are important to you? If so, you’ll want to check out the option programs available through our Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology program.

But what if you’re more intrigued by how today’s global environment and emerging technologies are shaping U.S. foreign policy? Does the idea of thwarting hackers and stopping cyber criminals in their tracks charge you with adrenaline? Then a track in the Bachelor of Science in Security and Risk Analysis may be what you’re looking for.

Or, as you explore majors, are you struggling to choose between a technically focused program that’s strong in math, technology, or science, and a Bachelor of Arts degree where you can explore your creative interests? If this sounds familiar, you should contact us to learn more about our unique, Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Sciences and Technology.

IST also offers online undergraduate degree programs in Information Sciences and Technology, and Security and Risk Analysis.

Graduate Programs

Graduate ProgramsIn our graduate degree programs, you will receive multidisciplinary training to prepare you to address complex issues related to technology and society, while engaging in cutting-edge research in areas such as human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and cognition, health- and bio-informatics, and psychology of terrorism, to name just a few.

The Ph.D. program in Information Sciences and Technology provides foundational training that will prepare you for a career in information science, related sciences, and technology research.

In the M.S. program in Information Sciences and Technology, you can engage more deeply in an intellectual conversation with research and science than an undergraduate degree allows. It typically opens up advanced career opportunities; both in industry and as preparation for a Ph.D.

IST offers three Master of Professional Studies (MPS) online degrees: Enterprise Architecture; Homeland Security, Information Security and Forensics option; and Information Sciences, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance option. The MPS programs are designed for professionals working full-time but seeking advanced credentials.