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IST Current Students Special Topics and IST 402 Descriptions

Special Topics and IST 402 Descriptions

IST 402 Emerging Issues and Technologies

(3 per semester/maximum of 9)

Introduction to emerging issues, technology forecasting and analysis; overview of emerging issues and leading technologies in IST and how they impact information systems, users, the IT labor force and society.

Fall 2015


Big Data Analytics in Healthcare IST 402.1
Instructor: Dr. Chao-Hsien Chu
Schedule #: 490195
T & R 1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
202 IST Building
Prerequisite: IST 210 & 220

Large amounts of heterogeneous data have become available in various healthcare organizations (payers, providers, and pharmaceuticals). Driven by mandatory requirements and the potential to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and reduce costs, these massive quantities of data (known as ‘big data’) hold the promise of supporting a wide range of medical and healthcare decisions, including clinical decision support, disease surveillance, and population health management, among others. In this course, we will (1) introduce the process and methods of big data analytics, (2) examine the characteristics and related mining challenges on dealing with big healthcare data, and (3) review exemplar analytic methods for automated analysis of healthcare/ medical data with different applications.

Human Robot Interactions IST 402.2
Instructor: Dr. John Yen
Schedule #: 490198
T & R 11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
110 IST Building
Prerequisite: IST 210 & 220

This course will introduce concepts, technologies, and applications regarding human robot interactions. After completing the course, the students will have a broad understanding about the technologies and emerging applications of social robots and be able to program a humanoid robot NAO using either its visual programming interface (Choregraphe) or Java JDK. The course is suitable for IST students in any option.

How the Mind Works: An Introduction to the Science of the Human Brain IST 402.3
Instructor: Dr. David Reitter
Schedule #: 547885
T & R 4:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
203 IST Building
Prerequisite: IST 210 & 220

Cognitive science promises to solve the greatest mystery of our age. The brain holds the key to how we perceive the world, learn from our experiences, make the right decisions and communicate with others. Understanding the abilities and limits that make us human is key to creating technology that successfully interacts with and amazes people.

ePayment System Architecture IST 402.6
Instructor: John Bagby
Schedule #: 519619
T & R 2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
203 IST Building
Prerequisite: IST 210 & 220

Electronic payment systems are enormously popular today. The primary attraction is to lower the transaction costs of payments. However, organized crime and terror organizations use stealthy payment systems to avoid detection. In the future, it will be impossible to competently perform law enforcement and counterterrorism without a deep understanding of the development and deployment of electronic payment systems. This course will analyze successes and failures of ePmt Architectures with a view to developing an architecture for the next cool payment enterprise.

Prerequisite: IST 210 and IST 220


IST 297/497 Special Topics

Formal courses given infrequently to explore, in depth, a comparatively narrow subject that may be topical or of special interest. The College of Information Sciences and Technology's Special Topics are those that may be available for only one semester, examine special topics, or are new courses that have been added to our list of course offerings.