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Visit ISTThe best way to find out if IST is right for you is to come visit us yourself! Choosing the right college is one of the biggest decisions of your academic career. You can call our IST recruitment office at 1-866-225-8707 or e-mail to arrange a personal visit and tour of the IST building anytime! Also, check out Penn State Admissions' "Visit" page for more information about visiting University Park campus. In addition, we'll be hosting IST special events in conjunction with "Spend a Summer Day" for prospective students, with registration opening in mid-May.

IST at Penn State's Campuses

Visit our campus page to learn what College of IST programs are available, link to current University Registrar's course and exam schedules, and get additional campus information. Additionally, Penn State's World Campus offers online IST courses and an online bachelor's degree in information sciences and technology.