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The Application

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Ready to get started? To apply to Penn State, please use the online application. You will be asked to create an account that you can access using your User ID and password.

We recommend that you apply to the IST program at Penn State between September 1 and November 30 of your senior year in high school. Make sure to also send in your SAT/ACT scores and high school transcript by November 30 as admission to Penn State, especially the University Park campus, becomes more competitive after that date.


The deadline for all application materials for Fall 2016, including the application and test scores, is December 15, 2015. All applications received by this date will be given full consideration for Fall 2016 admission. New students are only admitted to the program for the fall semester.

All applicants must satisfy the requirements of the Penn State Graduate School. Please see the degree requirements section of the Graduate Bulletin.

Because our program is multidisciplinary, individuals from nearly any discipline may be accepted.